Meet me: Your friendly neighborhood copywriting wine + word nerd

Catch me writing converting launch copy with a glass of Cab in hand while rapping the Hamilton soundtrack to help me call in that cart open energy (Act 1, of course... before it all goes downhill)
Hobbies include:
✔ Mercilessly ranking every boba shop around town (forget about Yelp - I have my own list)
✔ Going on hikes harder than my endurance qualifies for
✔ Reading/writing/curating great stories

BUT you're probably here because...

I help 6&7-figure CEOs lighten their launch overload with story-driven sales copy that doesn't sound sleazy.

NEWS FLASH: Great copy creates community AND cash

(I know what you're thinking... wait - those two things AREN'T mutually exclusive??)

*emphatically* NOPE!!!.

I specialize in helping you distill your message and use your ideal client's language along with - NOT against - them to build mutual trust impact.

This empowers you to confidently call in the community YOU WANT and people who need your special sauce (my mission is to induce more gotta-have-it cravings than Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday).

Your special sauce? Your story. Your unique experiences. Why you are dedicated to serve your audience.

Great copy is great storytelling, and vice versa.

As a helpless multi-passionate, I relied on storytelling as the glue to my seemingly 'unrelated' life experiences. I used it to sell myself to colleges & corporate (there were a few.... missing dots that needed connecting), and then for my first few clients as a copywriter.

NOW, I blend copy tactics with powerful storytelling techniques to help my clients market their message so that they nurture their growing community into clients and make sure their clients feel community.

It's kinda my jam.

Your story doesn't have to be deep or as long as Les Mis, but it does have to be strategic for your audience to be moved to buy not just like.

That's what I help with: Story. Strategy. Sales (cha-ching!)

TL;DR: I help you call in MORE clients, With less   chaos.
*Daveed Diggs voice* Say WHAAAAA

Read the receipts...

Interested? Sorry, I deleted Tinder. BUT if you think we'd be a good match...

to be clear, this is a purely professional relationship

Like the $20 bill you just found in your favorite pair of thrifted jeans...

Copy that is the gift that keeps on giving. As you and your community grow, your copy will inevitably need to be renewed, refreshed remixed & recycled. The beauty is...Once you have your core copy down, you never need to start from scratch.

That's why I take the time care and to make sure your messaging and offers speak to you and your copy speaks to it.

You deserve copy that ages like fine wine... 🍷

It gets better & bolder with time